We’ve all done it.

Walked into a room and felt completely out of place. Thought to ourselves, They don’t know me. They won’t understand me. Ironically, what we all have in common is the fear that we won’t find friends that we have things in common.

But what makes a significant friendship and connection? How meaningful is it to like the same movies and books as someone else? Does that lead to a great relationship? Sharing similar interests and tastes is weak relational glue. If common ground and common personality traits are your indicators for a future great friend, you’re running down the wrong road.

The beauty of knowing Christ personally is that you can share in that experience with other Christ followers – even others that are completely different from you. Even if we have had completely different experiences, Jesus is our common ground.  And he levels the playing field.

The common ground of Jesus is so much more meaningful than a list of shared favorites.

Even if we look different, Jesus is our glue.
Even if our political beliefs clash, Jesus is where we agree.
Even if we’ve experienced different brokenness, Jesus healed us both.
He transcends color.
He transcends cultural difference.
He transcends language barriers. 

The church is a place where cultural status is completely irrelevant.

Your capacity to connect with other Christ followers is much deeper than you realize. Even if they are a little bit country and you’re a little bit rock and rock. With Jesus, you have both been rescued out of the pit of despair and into a new life. That experience is the common ground that leads to the best kind of connection.

The Church is the one place where you can have nothing in common with someone and share everything. 

Common ground is overrated. And when your connection with another person is through the saving grace of Jesus, common ground quickly becomes irrelevant. Because the cross is the most powerful experience you can share with another person. Where you can have nothing in common and yet everything in common.


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Hey! I’m Stephen, the pastor of Grace Church
in West Bridgewater, MA where I live with my wife, Katy, and my two daughters, Hazel & Holly! I love to read, write, travel, and meet new people. Connect with me anytime at stephen@thatsgrace.org.