Last week, I was in the room with one of my mentors – Larry Osborne. He shared a quote that made me think and hit me to the core.


“When you fully embrace who you are, you won’t be threatened by who is near.”

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparison and jealousy, even with people that we care about. Often, we struggle to celebrate their victories and instead compare them to our own. Our insecurity causes us to feel threatened when we are around someone who is more talented or more capable than we are.

That’s why a lot of leaders surround themselves with people that are less talented or capable than they are. It’s easy to lead if you feel like you’re the best leader in the room. A truly confident leader, though, is willing to pour into a younger leader that has even higher leadership capacity than they do. That’s the true test of a comfortable leader.

Who are you comparing yourself to right now? Who do you feel threatened by? Our true intentions are revealed through our comparisons. What we compare is a reflection of our insecurity. 

Comparison leads us to either feel superior or inferior. When we compare in a way that makes us feel superior, it creates arrogance. When we compare in a way that makes us feel inferior, its creates jealousy. We put ourselves against our own teammates in both of these scenarios. And neither of these bring glory to God.


Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s victory or achievement. Cheer them on.


Next time you find yourself upset at someone else’s success, pause for a second. Ask yourself where the negativity is coming from. Why is it hard for you to be happy for them? Change your comparison to a cheer. Let’s try to become really good at spurring one another on in life.

After all, we are on the same team. We just play different positions.


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