We’ve convinced ourselves that the busier we are, the more significant our lives. We’ve tricked ourselves into believing that we are too important to slow down, that the world needs us to be on every day. We’re all busy, unless you’re not. In which case, you can go back to watching Netflix and drinking your kale smoothie now.

God designed you to slow down and rest.

God never wants us to burnout. His calling is always for us to allow for times of rest and restoration, which he calls Sabbath time. The Sabbath is a designated day each week where we unplug from work so that our tank can be filled back up for a new week ahead. God rested in Genesis 2, then reminded us throughout the rest of the Bible that we need to slow down, too.

Easier said than done, right? How hard is it to truly unplug? 

God calls us to take a Sabbath day because he knows that we need it. Sabbath is a gift from God, given to you so that you can have a physical break from work, a mental break from exhaustion, and a time to recharge. If you blow right through your Sabbath day because you are too busy for it, you’re basically telling yourself that you know what’s better for you than God does.

Sabbath rest means trusting that God can do more through your life in six days than you can do in seven.

How can you have more Sabbath rest this week? I know you’re busy. So here are a few practical things you can do to experience more Sabbath time.

– Build some margin into your daily schedule.
– Put mini breaks between meetings & tasks.
– Actually take a lunch break each day. 
– Unplug from your phone when with family.
– When you’re off from work, be off from work.

God created you to work hard, then rest well.

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Hey! I’m Stephen, the pastor of Grace Church
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