Unfortunately, there’s no January version of Elf or It’s a Wonderful Life. The new year hits and all my Christmas radio stations go back to playing their normal stuff, without even asking me! In December, my family jam-packed our schedule with fun Christmas movies, events, and parties.

Then the new year came and it all tragically stopped.

Well, now I have a void for seasonal movies and musical tunes in my life. So I created a fun way for my wife and I celebrate this post-Christmas lull. We don’t really care all that much about Valentine’s Day itself, but I do love to celebrate love!

So we made a 25 Days of Love movie lineup to give us something to share over this next month. It’s just a fun way to get over these post-Christmas blues. Join us from your own home if you’d like or create your own tradition. Feel free to complain. I’m not too insecure about my romantic comedy tastes. 

What movies would go on your list? What did I leave off?



25 days love



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