One of my goals for 2019 is to read 64 books this year (one book a week + one fun read each month). Almost three months in, I have read 23 books so far. On track! It definitely helps that I’ve spent more time than usual on planes and out of town. My wife (Katy) and I have also tried to spend less time on Netflix and more time turning pages.

These are my favorites so far! In no particular order.


Author: John P. Kotter
7-Word Synopsis Question: How can I inspire others to help?
Main Takeaway: Opposition actually helps your supporters to be more bought in and committed to the idea or movement. It helps them realize it’s worth fighting for.
Why I Loved It: Kotter shares tons of practical tools to help motivate, engage, and help the people around you buy into a specific vision or mission.


Author: Devon Franklin
7-Word Synopsis Question: Where can I make the greatest impact?
Main Takeaway: Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with that is your gift back to God.
Why I Loved It: Franklin challenges you to consider how God has specifically gifted you with distinct talent to make an impact in a unique way.


Author: Gary Thomas
7-Word Synopsis Question: How can your marriage grow you spiritually?
Main Takeaway: Chasing happiness together leads to exhaustion. Chasing holiness together leads to intimacy.
Why I Loved It: Chapman encouraged me to rethink how I pursue and respond to my wife. Am I guided by the endless pursuit of trying to find happiness or trying to help us truly grow closer to each other and to Christ?

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Hey! I’m Stephen, the pastor of Grace Church in West Bridgewater, MA. I live in Bridgewater with my wife, Katy, and two daughters, Hazel & Holly.