Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’m releasing my first book on Amazon! I Care What You Think is a short, conversational, action-oriented book that takes an honest look at something we all struggle with – insecurity. Insecurity is a daily issue that every single person faces, yet it’s hard to find any books that talk about it in a practical, non-scientific sense. So I spent the last three months writing what I’ve learned about the dangerous side effects of our insecurity and how we can face them through the lens of our faith and God’s love. And I made it short so you would actually read it!

Every great story of success requires pushing past all the insecurity creates so that we can chase after what God has prepared for us. What’s on the other side of your fears and insecurities? Don’t let your them hold you back any longer from the journey and the dreams God has put on your heart.

I hope you consider reading my book because I believe God wants to use it to encourage your heart and help you overcome the lies living under the surface.



Headshot - Stephen.jpg

Stephen is the pastor of Grace Church
in West Bridgewater, MA. He is also pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry from Gateway Seminary. Stephen lives in Bridgewater, MA with his wife, Katy, and two daughters, Hazel & Holly.

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